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Correct Catalogue

Prices and product availability is listed in the catalogue above for the USA. If you are located in a different country, please contact me to receive the correct catalogue. 

Contact & Ordering

I would love to chat about having my designs in your store! While I await the approval to join Faire for easy processing, please contact me at harmonhardinillustration (at) gmail.com to order, or submit your order via this handy Adobe Sign form



What is European A6 sizing?

The standard A6 format means something slightly different in Europe than in North America. In North America, A6 = 4.5 by 6.25 inches. On the other hand in Europe, A6 = 148mm by 105mm, or 4.1 by 5.8 inches. As my business and production is based in Europe, the products are in European A6. It's closer to, but not quite identical, to the North American A2, which measures in at 4.25 by 5.5 inches.

What's the difference between your greeting cards and your postcards?

Greeting cards

- contemporary painting style with sans serif font 

- no foil

- printed on 300 gsm paper that mimics tactile watercolor paper

- comes with color-coordinated envelope and clear belly band

- price


- traditional painting style with script font

- silver foil

- printed on 380 gsm soft touch paper

- no envelope, no packaging

- price

Do you offer plastic sleeves for the cards?

The postcards come without packaging.

The greeting cards are by default packaged in a clear, plastic-free and translucent belly band, which holds the card and envelope together. 

On an exception basis, I can offer plastic sleeves. This may however increase delivery time, as I keep a limited number of plastic sleeves in stock. Please contact me before placing your order to discuss this option and the resulting lead time. 


How much will shipping cost me?

Smaller / lighter orders will be shipped from Switzerland via the SwissPost International Small Goods channel. Prices for packages weighing between 500 g and 1 kg (ca. 1 pound and 2 pounds) start at around 27 USD. 

Orders weighing more than 2 kg (ca. 4 pounds) will be shipped from Switzerland via PostPac International, which is mailed via the Priority channel. Pricing for that starts at approximately 50 USD. 

After your order has been prepared, the estimated transit time to US retailers is 3-7 business days. However, it is best to calculate a bit of a buffer when dealing with international mail, as delays can occur in transit or customs. 

How about duty and import fees?

For shipments totalling less than 800 USD, US retailers are generally exempt from import duties and taxes. If you experience something different with an order from me, please contact me directly.


Do you offer exclusivity?

I do not offer zip code protection.

Can I use your product images?

You betcha. As a retailer, you will receive a Google Drive link with images to use in your online shop and on social media. If you do, I would love to see! 

Will you list me as a retailer on your site?

I do not list retail locations where my products are available on my website. However, I love to give a shout-out on social media when I prepare your order. Leave me your Instagram handle via email or in the order form, and I´ll be sure to tag you.

Good to know

I am a proud Paper Camp alum! I learned so much from Katie and her team, which makes me a solid, informed, and reliable vendor. Thanks, Katie! I will always sing your praises.

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